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Providing Wedding Music for the CEO of the Umpire Federation


It is the desire of many wedding music bands to perform for different Umpire officials and the congregation in general. Isn’t it? If yes, you are in the right place. We are going to give you tips on how to rise through the ranks and get in the limelight.


Most new bands claim they find it difficult to get recognized and compete with their fellow competitors who have been in the industry for a long period. It is not difficult to compete with old bands. It all requires the use of unique techniques.

Music choices

The kind of music genre your new wedding band specializes plays determines the kind of clients you will get. There are some wedding bands that play any type of music genre depending on their clients need, whereas there are those who specialize in a specific genre. Either way; all that matters is the quality of services you deliver to your audience.

There are certain factors that will determine the kind of music your wedding band will play. They include the following:

  • Interest-Most entertainers play the kind of genre they love as they are familiar with many kinds of songs. Playing your preferred genre helps the band have an easy time preparing for the event compared to playing genres you have no idea about.
  • Client frequency-There are some music choices that attract a lot of clients. It is therefore important for musicians to spot the kind of music that attracts clients and specialize in them.
  • Musical instruments-There are some music genres that require the use of special instruments.

There are certain things that musical agencies need to achieve before they can be considered to perform for the CEO of the Umpire Federation. They include the following:

  • Spectacular-Agencies are ranked based on their previous performance in various events. If musicians are to be considered, they need to be spectacular when performing for its various clients.
  • Reputation-This is in terms of acting professionally and getting to the event on time. A Company should have a perfect reputation when it comes to honoring pledges among others. There are some musical agencies that are known to disappoint their clients.
  • Price –If entertainers are to be considered for an event, they need to charge pocket-friendly prices that are easily affordable by your targeted audience.

Best Wedding Music

There are different types of wedding music that are played at various events. They depend on the client’s taste and preference. There are many factors that need to be discussed with the client before the performance day. This includes:

  • Price-It is good to agree on the price. This is because different musical agencies charge different prices. Always understand that clients have different financial capabilities. There are those that are on a fixed budget. Charging fair prices will definitely attract a lot of clients.
  • Target audience-Different audience loves a certain genre of wedding music. The audience can be young or old. Identifying your target audience will help you plan on the kind of music that will entice and rejuvenate them. If it courteous to inform a client you cannot perform the kind of music you are looking for instead of disappointing them. Being honest will help build your band’s reputation.
  • Performance time frame-This is very important as it will help the client know how to plan his/her schedule. Most bands perform for a maximum of four hours with breaks in between. You need to agree with your client on the amount of time you can perform.
  • Members of the band to perform-This is very important in your negotiation process with your client. There are some venues which accept a certain number of entertainers because of space. Music bands are advised to do a visit the venue and talk to the management on a couple of this ranging from the number of entertainers and the ease of unloading and loading musical instruments among others.

How to stand out from other musical agencies

Are you a new wedding band? If yes, this one is for you. If is not easy for new bands to rise through the ranks within a short period. Here are some guidelines that will help an agency rise up:

  • Advertisement-Advertisement is very important as it makes the public aware of the entertainers. You should look for a perfect platform that advertises you to the right audience. These platforms range from websites to printing out pamphlets among others.
  • Professionalism-All your band members need to handle themselves with a lot of professionalism. This ranges from picking clients’ phone calls, arriving on time for meetings and arriving early at events. Everyone desires to work with a Company that acts professionally.
  • Price-There are many techniques that Companies can use to attract more clients using prices. Entertainers can start by charging affordable rates than their fellow competitors.
  • Contacts-Clients love working with Companies that are easy to contact. You should include your number during advertisements. Physical address is also important as some clients prefer physical contact
  • Dispute mechanisms-Disputes are likely to occur during certain transactions. It is important to ensure you solve all disputes that might occur between you and your client before they get out of hand. Remember that clients will build or ruin our brand.

These are some guidelines that can help your business rise through the ranks within a short period. Most wedding bands are fully booked throughout. It is good to advise your clients to book you in advance if they find your terms comfortable.

You should ensure your music band has enough time to prepare for the performance. You need to entertain your audience to the point they frequently contact you in all their events. Try to be creative. Don’t make your performance predictable.

Follow the above guidelines and take your band to the next level. Who knows you might be invited to perform in various big events or for the CEO of the Umpire Federation.

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