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Our Federation Fleet Van Insurance Documentation


When it comes to obtaining all the necessary documentation for our van fleet cover we rely on the best Irish Van insurance Brokers to access the best products in the market. There are several advantages of using brokers rather than dealing directly with companies. Needless to say, you will get more competitive offers from your underwriter and you also have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of policies and add-ons to ensure that your fleet is completely covered for all perils associated with your particular business model. It also works well for insurers and you will often end up paying less for your premiums on each car because the insurer does not have to deal directly with you for each and every van on your fleet and therefore you make things a whole lot easier for them by using a broker. This article touches on the key factors affecting costs for company fleet managers shopping for van cover through Irish Van insurance Brokers.

Factors affecting van premiums when dealing with an Irish Van insurance Brokers

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There are several points to bear in mind that might be used to set your premiums depending on your insurer of choice. If you are really clever with your choices you might also be able to impact the final rate at which you obtain cover for your entire van fleet. The key points are your van type which makes it necessary for company car fleet managers to evaluate the cost of insuring certain utility vehicles before actually adding them to the fleet to optimize your policy costs. Other factors to look at include the following;

  • Excesses

It is great advice to strive to keep your extras down and increase your excess. When you want a quote for a certain policy with your preferred insurer then you can choose to alter the amount you pay in excess in the event that you make a claim. This does not work well for you in the sense that you receive less compensation but when you factor in the probability that you will not be filing any claims then the reduction in the cost of insuring the entire fleet is significant.

  • Use of vans

The commodity you are using the vans to carry matters as in commercial or personal items or a mixture of the two. The load matters because it has everything to do with the risk factor on the roads in your location. Your insurer takes your loading limits and normal capacity seriously because when these are exceeded then there is a very significant increase in the probability of you making a claim in the course of time. if you are using your vans to carry both personal and commercial goods, you can expect to pay a little more for your cover depending on your other variables.


  • Security systems

Installing alarm systems will often help drive the cost of your premiums down with all other factors at a constant. Other systems you might want to use in your fleet of vans include immobilizers to keep them put when you are uncertain and tracker systems to help retrieve them when stolen. Alarms help with anti-theft and trackers come in handy if someone decides to jack your vans. The insurer will often take a close look at the choice of tracker and alarm devices as all of them in the market are not as effective.

  • Location

Depending on your postcode and the geographical area and routes where your vans will be operating, you normally have a different risk profile that is modeled and used to come up with your cost of insurance. Some Irish neighborhoods have a higher risk of car crime and accidents than others based on statistics which are the center stage of the company’s risk assessment and profiling.

  • NCB

When you have made no claims for a long time as an experienced driver named under a policy with the underwriter or you simply haven’t made any claims in a long time you can be eligible for a special discount depending on the insurer of choice. With most insurers, loyalty is rewarded and therefore you will get more benefits for retaining your current insurer in the long term.

  • The mileage of vans

The more the mileage of vans in your fleet, the higher the likelihood that you will file a claim for them. Insurers are wary of this and are keen on increasing premiums for aging fleets. Maintaining a fleet of new vans will not only save you on policy costs but also significantly reduce operating costs and repair and maintenance costs.

How to go about choosing the best Irish Van insurance Brokers like we did

Perhaps the best way to find out how good such an agency is when it comes to knocking the socks off your preferred insurer to land you the best deal is to get a quote from several agents for the same policies so as to ensure that you are comparing apples to apples and actually getting nothing short of the best agency for you. On top of that, it matters how well your agency is able to communicate with you from the very beginning, are they available to pick your calls and answer your concerns promptly all the time? That could be a good sign that you can count on them to answer your call when you really need them the most.

The bottom-line

In the end, you realize that dealing with an Irish Van insurance Brokers will help you make the right administrative decisions quickly and select the most comprehensive and reliable cover for your entire fleet with Uber luxury ease and the trustworthy guidance of an experienced mind in choosing insurance products. More and more drivers and companies are realizing the need to deal with a reliable Irish Van insurance Brokers service that has been in existence for a long time and helped many get a better rate for premiums and substantial compensation for claims filed.