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Cosmetic Surgery for Sports Injury


There are many Dublins cosmetic surgery clinics that address sports injury. Most people in Dublin find it difficult to find a reliable clinic. Before getting into details, let us look at what cosmetic surgery is all about.

Cosmetic surgery is commonly referred to as plastic surgery. This is a complicated procedure. There are many potential risks associated with this form of surgery. That’s why it’s important to look for professional experts.Surgerical mistakes have serious repercussions.

Umpire injuries on the pitch

As we all know, umpires are officials selected to officiate matches. There have been many cases where they get injured on the pitch. This can be due to negligence or accidents among others. These injuries vary from head and nose injuries among others. Some injuries can be minor while others can be so severe the point an Umpire needs to consult a cosmetic surgeon to rectify the situation.

There are many umpires in Dublin who have suffered knee, joint and back pains among others. Some injuries are caused by lack of proper stretching before the game, lack of enough exercise and stress which results in lack of concentration among others. Here are some ways sports injuries can be reduced:

  • Wearing shoes that make you feel comfortable-Umpires must ensure they wear the right kind of shoes that perfectly fit them. They should consider a brand that has the right size of shoes.
  • They should wear shoes that give them a proper amount of support-High arch shoes are known to provide more support compared to flatten shoes
  • Umpires should consider replacing their shoes once they begin wearing out.
  • Experts recommend match officials shoes must have a little space for their toes to move around
  • They should always be on the lookout for the direction of the ball. There have been many previous cases where the match officials get hit by the ball
  • The match officials must avoid consumption of drugs and alcohol, a few days before the match official day.

Getting the right treatment

Ireland is blessed in various ways. Cosmetics clinics in Ireland have been ranked among the world’s best. This is because of the quality of services they deliver to various clients. It is common to hear people travelling to Ireland to get cosmetic treatments. Ireland clinics provide services to both local and international residents.

Before getting into details let us look at some guidelines that will help Umpires identify best cosmetic clinics in Ireland:

  • Experience-There are many plastic surgery experts not only in Dublin, but Ireland as a whole. It is good for umpires to go for doctors which experience. This is because they have handled many sports injuries and have a rough idea on how to go about many cases.
  • Reputation-It is important for injured match officials to ask around for doctors who have a perfect reputation when it comes to handling successful surgeries
  • Location-Injured umpires must visit clinics they can easily access.
  • Price-Residents of Dublin understand that cosmetic clinics charge different prices for their services. Prices differ depending on the injuries

It is important to consult the selected expert before surgery commences. The doctor will examine the intensity of the injury and determine if you need surgery or just cosmetic products.

There have been previous cases where plastic surgeries go bad and cause more harm than good. These injuries can be accidental or carelessness of the doctor. This is the reason why it is advisable to visit experienced plastic surgeons.

Here are some common risks that might arise in cosmetic operations:

  • Internal bleeding
  • Infections
  • Scarring
  • Numbness or nerve damage
  • Blood clots
  • Excessive bleeding
  • ptosis


  • Internal bleeding

Injured umpires who have undergone operation are prone to internal bleeding if the surgery wasn’t properly handled. There have been cases where patients suffer from internal bleeding during the recovery process.

  • Infections

All patients are prone to infection, especially if their injuries are not properly taken care. Infections spread quickly on dirty or unattended wounds. Infections can be so severe to the point patients have to undergo additional operations to remove the infected region. Injured umpires should consult their doctors for guidance.

  • Scarring

All cosmetic patients are at a risk of aggravating hypertension scars after surgery. These are thick red scars. Skilled plastic surgeons can use various techniques to minimize the appearance of scars.

  • Numbness or nerve damage

It is normal for clients to report cases of numbness. There have been cases where nerves might have been interfered with. This can cause temporary or permanent numbness.

  • Blood clots

Patients under anesthesia or liposuction on their legs risk developing blood clots, which can be fatal. This condition can be reduced by not remaining in the same position for a long period. The match officials can ask advice from their surgeons.

  • Excessive bleeding

Blood loss is normal during and after surgery.However; there have been some cases where sports injury patients experience excessive blood loss. Patients experiencing excessive bleeding must consult their doctors as they can lead to serious problems such as total blindness among others. It is advisable that clients request for follow up visits by their Dublins cosmetic surgery clinic on a regular interval.

  • Ptosis

Ptosis is commonly referred to as drooping and sagging. Ptosis is mostly permanent. However; this condition can be rectified through surgical procedures. Try your best to request or look for an experienced doctor to handle your surgeries.

How to go looking for a perfect cosmetic clinic in Dublin

This question has been asked by various people looking for a perfect clinic to help them regain their original looks from injuries suffered. Here are some guidelines on where to find cosmetic clinics worth checking out:

  • Comparisons sites-There are many comparison sites that a person can use to look for top cosmetic doctors near them.
  • Recommendations-A person can ask recommendations from friends and family members on the best doctor in Dublin and Ireland in general.