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ADDRESS: 123 6th St., Melbourne, Florida, 32904, United States                                                        PHONE: 321 952 1831

About us

Cerys Buckley is the founder of The USA Federation of Umpires, which was established in 2001. Consisting of over 200 members who are fully qualified in sports injuries, umpiring and have many years of experience. We would like to attribute ourselves as highly professional and elite coaches who have a great love for field sports. Over the years, we have been involved in many sports such as softball and baseball. Catering for professional and amateur sports, we offer our services regionally and nationally throughout the USA. Being based in Melbourne, Florida, makes us ideally located to many strong sporting communities surrounding us.

Helping communities is one of our top priorities and we have succeeded in helping underprivileged children to achieve their lifetime goals. Through local funding and some of our own investments, we are going to continue to help these communities in the future. Most of us have played baseball at a high level over the years and have umpired and some major-league games, so we know what it takes to commit to something and achieve your goals. Helping people and improving people’s health and wellbeing is what makes our service worthwhile.

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